Web Development

Web development is a way in which the website owner can interact in a much more effective manner. Here the admin can view and determine his client base and determine how far the website is benefitting their business. Using web development user gets the benefit of not only describing about his business but also put to display his products and their details. He gets the benefit of managing his own website in a much flexible and easier way. By using the data one gets from such portals the owners of the busniess can determine various business ratios. They do not have to worry about payments and invoices it is all taken care of automatically.

So in a huge sense creating a web portal or developing a website helps you manage your business online and help you interact with your customers as per their and your convenience.

At webcreativedreams we follow the below process to develop a website

  • Understand client business and requirements.
  • Propose our idea of the website
  • Design the website according to the requirements
  • Get approval from client
  • Move towards development
  • Get the functionality verified from clients
  • Do necessary changes
  • Deliver the website
PHP Websites

PHP websites come into action once you require database connectivity. These websites are useful for job portals, matrimony portals, online business portals. Basically, everywhere where we need to store data of end users. Once the designing of the website is complete we move into the development part. Here we take into consideration what part of interaction is to be done with the end user and how can we keep it user friendly. Various reports relating the customers and their transactions can be viewed by the site owner in such websites.

Benefits of PHP Websites

  • User friendly websites.
  • Take less time to load
  • Economic to built
  • Easy integration with API's
Content Management System(CMS)

Style it your way!!!

CMS websites are the websites in which the owner of the website can style and manage the content and design by his own self. This concept is useful for website administrators as they can easily make changes using the control panel that comes along with these types of websites.

CMS websites can be both simple and complex. The main purpose of CMS is in businesses where in the admin needs to keep updating their websites. The majority businesses that need CMS are database based, e-commerce websites, various sites which require sign ups and knowledge based websites.

CMS is very useful for displaying latest products, publishing-news, articles, reviews of customers to the end user within no time. This is very necessary in today's time inorder to increase interaction with the users.

We at webcreativedreams design a flexible layout according to the dealings of the business so that the admin can have the freedom to add, edit, remove and use the features they feel important.We design a strong structure based on which the administrator can make ample changes as per their requirements.

Benefits of CMS

  • Update and view content as required.
  • Grant and Revoke member permissions to view an manage sections.
  • Improve SEO ranking
Ecommerce Websites

Keep your business awake even while you are asleep!

Ecommerce websites help you run your business 24*7.Ecommerce websites help you not only to promote your business but also to earn from it online. Using ecommerce websites you can add description, quantity, pricing and photos of your product and sell it just by sitting at your home. It helps your expand your business world-wide without much investment. .

We at webcreativedreams understand your business type and accordingly create admin control panels for you so that you can easily upload details of your product and make it appear on your website.

Benefits of Ecommerce Websites

  • Freedom of adding categories and products
  • Unlimited uploading of products at any given point
  • Shopping cart system
  • Automated SMS and email generation for maintaining customer relations
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Database of signed up users
  • No charges once the website in designed and developed(except maintenance)